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by Andrea G.

Reading is important because it expands knowledge, allows you to use imagination and gives you an escape from the outside world. 

Reading expands knowledge. When reading you learn things. It doesn’t matter if you are reading fiction or nonfiction, you will have learned something by the end of it. Reading makes you think and gives you an interest in something. Reading can give you information about almost anything in the world. 

When reading fictional stories you have to use your imagination to imagine what the story looks like. While you are reading there may be no pictures and you have to imagine what is going on. In books the author usually describes what is going on in very vivid detail. When I read I can imagine what is going on like a TV playing in my head, and I make the images up through my imagination. 

Reading can also be an escape from the outside world. When you read a whole new world is made up inside your head using your imagination and the words given to you. I enjoy laying in bed and reading, which makes me forget what is going on and it makes me less stressed and it makes me calm down. When reading books about ways that the world could change it makes you ask what if… 

Reading is important for learning and knowledge. So, in conclusion you should read as much as you can. If you don’t like reading try a different genre or a different author. Every person likes reading if they find the right book.

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