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by Savina A.

What is leadership? Leadership is leading a group of people. Lots of people look up to leaders. One of the leaders I look up to is my mom. She is my cheerleader and my number 1 fan! What makes my mom a leader is that she is caring, kind, sweet, helpful and responsible. When I’m older I want to be just like her. 

What makes me a leader is that I’m able to relate to and help others. I’m also nice, responsible and caring. I want what is best for everyone. Here at TAS being president is enjoyable. What puts a smile on my face is seeing all the kids happy and having a good time. I enjoy being a role model to the younger students. 

Confidence is key to being a good and successful leader. When lots of people feel positive about their ability to lead people and deal with their daily challenges that life throws at them, they have the qualities of a strong leader. When you show your confidence, it makes others feel confident in you and themselves. 

It’s important to be a leader instead of a follower because even if you are a follower, you can still lead by example. You can inspire others with your words and actions, and you can show others how to learn. A leader never stops learning and is always a student in terms of their own development and discovery of truth.

In conclusion, I think that it’s important that everyone one has a leader and maybe someday they will be someone else’s. 

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