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Greek Dance

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Greek Dance

by Kristos K.

I think Greek dance is awesome because it can help you get smarter. It is a fun form of exercise and it gets you fit. It teaches you how to memorize things like foot work.

Not a lot of people do Greek dance, it’s not that common. I do it because I’m Greek and I do it a lot for practice and for parties. It’s also competitive, but some people do it for tradition. Still, you don’t have to be Greek to do it.  Sometimes it can be easy and sometimes it can be hard.The most traditional dance is zeibekiko (zei be ki ko). 

When you Greek dance you feel Greek pride. Also if you hear a LOT of clarinet it most likely is Greek music. When you dance it can take your mind away like a daydream and it can also take away your anger, sadness, or depression. When I wasn’t Greek dancing I was tired, sad, and angry. But, when I started to dance it felt like I was in lala land and all the negativity floated away. It was like meditation but somehow better and calmer. And when I stopped time flew by and the tiredness, sadness and anger went away.

Greek dance, in my opinion, is better than American dance. Usually I do most dances by myself. The Greeks believe that a good dancer is a gift from the gods. The Greeks had a god for dancing, and his name is Terpsichoreis. Religious dances like Greek dance are not free for all dance battles; it has steps for the dance. And that is why I like and do Greek dance.

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