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by Gia B.

What does music mean to you? What kind of music do you like? Music has many purposes, and many genres. There is country, pop, R&B, classical, jazz, decades, cultural, rap and more. Music can also be sorted into sad, happy, car, and party music. Music to me, among other things, is very important. I can think of at least five reasons why I love music so much. My reasons are that it helps you escape time, improves your creativity, helps your mood and emotions, expands your mindset, and helps you love yourself. What reasons can you think of?

Music is also beneficial mentally and physically. Music helps you study schoolwork and is used as therapy. Specifically when you are reading or studying it is proven that classical music improves memorization and overall academic success. Music therapy is also used to improve yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. It also improves social skills and communication abilities, helping those that have difficulty expressing themselves in words and socializing.

All the reasons I have for listening to music give me comfort as well. When I am trying to do something like cleaning, music always makes it much more enjoyable. When I am stressed out or overwhelmed I blast music, taking my mind off of everything going on that is making me feel overwhelmed. Music lets you be yourself and be as creative as you can be. Music lets you be yourself and love yourself.

In conclusion, music can make you feel like nothing else can and is very fascinating. Music is life changing in any way you want it to be. There are so many genres and so many more reasons why music is so important to me and you.

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