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The TAS Times 🤓

"Let's hear a new take on the news. This student run newspaper helps kids gain a voice, and learn to articulate themselves effectively!"

Vetted for Sourcing and Grammar
Our team ensures the articles going up are checked for grammatical errors. However, we make sure to let the voice of our students shine.
Open Relatable Content
The TAS Times focuses on all the important things affecting young kids: culture, opinions, lifestyle, gaming, and more.

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Here are some common questions...

Who writes all of the articles?

This paper is student-driven. All posts and articles are written by TAS students.

Are articles sourced? What is the editorial process?

Students are required to provide sources for all data point and information included in the articles. Any article without sourcing is labeled as “Opinion.”

The articles are carefully edited for grammar while leaving the overall viewpoint intact. Articles are vetted by TAS staff members. 

Are only TAS students allowed to publish?

This is a TAS student run newspaper. However, we do accept submissions from bloggers and enthusiastic children who want to show their viewpoint!

Send us an email at info@tasnewyork.com to learn more and get involved.

Why a newspaper?

Newspapers may seem like a wave from the past, but in fact they are the perfect way to get kids to articular their thoughts on paper. This helps students get informed, get involved, and stay active!

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