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test prep
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This term is used in describing a study/tutorial service, learning material, and tools designed to boost and improve the performance and outcome of a student for a standard test or exam. It is popularly called test prep or even examination preparation (exam prep). These kinds of resources or tutorial services are basically made to help students understand the topics that need to be understood in order to pass an exam. The exams are mostly entrance exams into colleges, universities, or any higher institution (business school, law school, medical school, etc.). Standardized tests include SAT, ACT, GMAT, and a whole lot more.

test prep
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When a test or an exam is forthcoming, we basically see two types of students.

test prep
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  1. Confident students
  2. Not so-confident students

These two categories of students both need to attend a test prep class and there’s a reason for that.

  1. Confident students: Well you might be wondering why a student who is confident needs to attend a test prep. Well yes! He needs to. Confidence in most students leads to overconfidence sometimes and may also lead to poor results. So being confident is a good thing but not overconfidence. When a student is confident enough, attending a course to prepare for the coming examination or test will make the confidence strong and improve skills. Since the course was designed for that particular exam anyways, he can now solve past questions, read related topics, and have ideas about potential topics questions can come from. This way, he will surely see where is lacking and lagging behind. He will know where to improve on and how to improve on it. There will also be tutors available to guide and keep students on track.
  2. Not so confident: Well these are the students who need to attend a test preparation class the most. They have shallow confidence and most of them don’t even see themselves passing the exam at all but with the help of a test prep class, they get to start gaining confidence by learning new topics and knowing where to direct their focus and energy. Even the examination bodies repeat questions from the past questions. By solving and learning through the test prep tutor guideline, you get to start having enough confidence and courage to write and pass the exam. They’ll meet people like them during the class and they can build their confidence and improve their skills at the same time.

Even though most of us feel like it is not necessarily compulsory to attend a test prep class, it is. Even though you know you can pass the exam on your own. Attending prep classes will help you realize a lot. You will now see how to make real preparation for your exam. Have study groups and meet friends that need help just like you. This way you won’t be left out and you will also build your confidence.


Have you heard about the curse of knowledge?, No? This is a phenomenon where someone can’t understand or realize how it feels not to know something because the person already knows it or is used to it. Most people have this curse which I think is not being spoken of enough. As a student, you should work on this if you want to pass with flying colors in your exams. In most cases as a student, there are a lot of things you don’t know but feel you know. This is a result of THE CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE. Every student should work on this. One place that can help is a learning center, especially tas learning center. The ability to overcome this is a great achievement because not everybody can do that.

Read more on the cure of knowledge here.

I hope with all this, you will finally enroll your child at a learning center to prepare for their forthcoming test and make them pass more than they can even imagine

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