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First of all, we will like to introduce you to us!

You might be wondering what could be the meaning of TAS LEARNING CENTER. Well, it means Theory of Arts and Sciences. Now you are very delighted with how we are. I’m sure you should now understand why you will enjoy our tutoring services. At TAS learning center, we live to the standard of our brand.

At TAS learning center we are on a mission to deliver quality education services. We are doing this for all students of any kind who is willing to learn more. No matter what their background looks like or what their learning ability is. We are able and more than able to ensure for the parents, especially the busy ones. Your child’s education is in the best hands. TAS will make it possible to spend enough time with your kids at the end of the day. The service we provide at TAS makes sure everything is simple for the parents. This way, they do what they do best.

Your children need good grades! They need the best system or program to get the skills required of them to get these grades right? Well, you need to search further no more. As TAS learning center can help them get the best grades among their peers.

Our mission at the TAS learning center is to create a system that improves your child’s skills and knowledge. This includes all study areas like reading, vocabulary, and even STEM. We provide a lot of services that also include their school’s homework help, test prep, Math, and ELA. So you see we have a lot of services to offer your child. We know with our learning center’s service, and our nice and conducive learning environment, your child is going to excel and get grade grades.


What grade is your kid in? We’ve got it covered.


With our tutoring service here at the TAS learning center, we can have your kids get interested in learning and having fun at the same time. We turn young learners into strong readers.

Sometimes, it is hard getting your kids to be interested in learning but worry no more as we’ve got you covered. Learning and having fun at the same time is a great way for your kids to get started with their learning journey. Talking of THEIR LEARNING JOURNEY, as young children, we all know we might not be comfortable dealing with the bustle of learning every day. At our learning center, we can make your child eager to learn as they also have fun learning at the same time. This way, you’ll be surprised how your child will be so interested in learning and also want to learn.

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tas learning center

Middle school is a very important stage in the schooling journey! This is where most students get to know what type of career they want to pursue. Also, how they are going to improve over the years. As parents, you also want your child to excel and do well in middle school. This is nothing to worry about as we can help your child. Math, English, Science, History and all the subjects your child needs to improve on are where we focus our energy. When your child learns with us, the rate of improvement you’ll see will surprise you. Our program at TAS Learning Center is the best for your child to learn, get support, and excel. We will make sure they get the best grade possible no matter their background or ability. Your child will be taken care of.

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tas learning center

High school? This is a stage in schooling most students see as difficult. One of the reasons is that the ones who are willing to have a very good grade get very less sleep. Most of all high school students are teenagers which at that stage of their lives, have a lot going on already. This means they need more sleep to make their brain function at its best and also relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. With our help here at TAS Learning Center, we can make their high school study lives easy as ABC. In high school, students have a lot of test preparations to do. This takes a lot of their time but with our help, we guarantee maximum support for their test preps including SAT/ACT. With our high school program at the TAS learning center, we will make sure your child gets more sleep because he will be less tensed and stressed as we’ve made learning easy and with this, we promise great grades.



Well, with all we have said so far some people might still be thinking what difference have you made? This is the same thing school and every other tutoring center out there do. You are right, we don’t want to disappoint you but the answer is NO! We are different from everybody. We have your child’s life way easier and more fun with the study. You won’t be alone in the struggle as we have your back always and we will always render our services with utmost dedication. This you can’t find anywhere else except at the TAS learning center.

We are loved and trusted by more than a thousand families. If you keep your family with us, you love and trust us as well.

Try us today and enjoy our services.

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