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There is no doubt that in the last decade, education has changed a lot. Not only how the students and teachers evolved and how opinion has changed but also life and family education has changed too.

school education

Thanks to advancements in educational technology (EDUTECH/EDTECH), we can now study from home, we can study on the road, on the bus. Even having a group study session with study buddies online. Yes! Education has really changed.  Despite the fact, that the learning curriculum has really changed but there are a lot of resources (both free and paid) that can really help students get up-to-date versions of the topics they are studying in school.

Lecturers still get annoyed that the schooling system is not evolving even though the education system is evolving like crazy. Let’s take what Dr. Albert Einstein said when his assistant confronted him that he had sent the same question last year as an example. His secretary said the students are obviously going to pass the test easily as they already have the past questions. Albert Einstein was said to have looked at his secretary and smiled. He said to her that even though the questions were the same, the answers have changed. This tells us that some topics need to be updated, and the school labs need to be upgraded. Even though the textbooks get updated most of the time, the truth is that the authors still try to be in sync with the normal curriculum since the ministry in charge of education is not updating the school’s curriculum.

People say “education is like religion”. Thinking about it, it is true. Most people fall in love with their religion because of how good and cool their religious leader is. This also applies to education. Students tend to pass subjects they like the educator more than the ones they don’t like the educators.


school education

Let’s look back 100 years ago. Schools in most countries are under the tree and it is mostly oral. Students are said to have magnetic memory then. So a lot of them enjoyed getting an education as there’s nothing much going on.

Surely, the education system changed a lot.

Although in countries considered as advanced then, schools already have classrooms and the system is different from the under developed countries. From then till around 2010, education changed and evolved.

Schools changed the rules and regulations. They lessen punishment for students. Even student-teacher relation has improved a lot from 100 years ago. Even the dressing code is more modern now as it syncs with today’s culture and mode of dressing. Most schools in very western parts of the world don’t have school uniforms but they have dress codes. From 10 years ago till now, there haven’t been any real changes in how the school system works and this affects education obviously.

Most students now are just going to school because their parents want them to go not because they need to get an education. Going to school doesn’t always equal getting an education. According to most people, the only thing today’s schooling system is eradicating is illiteracy which they see as just the ability to read and write. They said literacy doesn’t always mean being educated. It only means you went to school and you learned how to read and write. This is what some people think about schools. Now that the education system has changed, we now have a lot of options to get education.



Nowadays, some people in the community say that there are two types of students.

  1. The ones that are going to school (educated with the traditional school system)
  2. The ones that school is going through them (for some reason weren’t abled to get the education the traditional school is offering)

Looking at it though, this is very true.

The traditional school system is not for everybody. Just imagine someone whose brain doesn’t have the ability to learn as fast as his/her classmates. There are students in the class like that. There are students whose brain develops slower than the other. Then there’s a school system that demands them to learn in the same classroom, following the same instruction and listening to the same explanation from a single teacher standing in front of them. This is obviously going to cause them to fail or not pass a class well. Society is going to see them as failures while the others that are getting high grades are seen as brilliant, intelligent, or even genius.

This is very bad because we are different people with different learning abilities, we shouldn’t be taught everything the same way, we should have a customizable school system that fits the learning ability of students.


Statistics have shown that most modern parents are trying to homeschool their children because they feel the traditional school is not good enough to give them the standard of education they need. Well, looking at this from an angle, they may be right. Not all teachers are professional enough to scale through the learning ability of each student in the class. In fact, most teachers just teach and concentrate on the ones that are doing well. Meanwhile, the “not doing so well” students are being left out which is very wrong. So most people today (the majority being modern parents) believes that traditional schooling is a bad idea.


education school classroom

The answer is NO! Because if we say traditional school is a bad idea and we should move in totality to the modern ways of getting an education then we are literally saying that the school has been useless.

Let’s look at the advantages of the traditional schooling system.

First of all, it helps students build discipline. Schools have rules and regulations that all students must follow. Students that failed to follow these rules will be punished accordingly. This helps them become more disciplined. On the other hand, online classes can handle students remotely. Online classes are only good for students who have enough discipline to concentrate on learning and students who can make sure they attend classes on time. Though online classes have made it possible for the student to pick a time they learn best so they can be more productive but some students choose times they won’t even follow.

Secondly, schools can help with socialization. Having a lot of people you see and play with almost every day is a good thing. You can make friends that you will study with, play with, and can talk to. Online schools are not like this as they are not physical anyways. Even if you have a favorite classmate online, it can’t be as school as having a favorite classmate in real life. Just imagine you have a friend you see and talk to every day, the trust can be built to a level that the mere classmate will become a family friend. Even some friendship has gone as far as becoming godfathers and godmothers to each other children.

In addition, the traditional school system builds confidence in students. Students that attend programs, make school presentations, and do school quizzes are more confident that the ones who don’t. The school has a lot of social activities that most students enjoy so much and they will surely miss when they leave school. There might be an online version of this but it can’t be as good as the physical ones.

In conclusion, the traditional schooling system works for a lot of students too. Even though many students failed but a lot of students are doing well too. Online classes are not necessarily the solution to their problems. Some students are not ready to put effort into learning, some can’t learn in the kind of environment the school is providing, some have slow learning ability, and some are trying all their possible best but they have a weak memory. So as parents, the best thing you can do for your kids is to try to know what kind of learning ability they have, then enroll them in a school that fits their ability. This way everybody will be able to get a sound education.



Saying schools are not evolving is not totally through. Learning centers are like ultra-modern schools. They have come up with a kind of system that fits every student. The system is so customization that they have different programs to solve different learning problems. Helping with homework, test preparation, summer classes, etc. TAS Learning Center is the best I can recommend. I am not being biased, I’m just talking based on fact. A lot of parents have seen what we are capable and you can check out page to see for yourself. Enroll your child now. Recommend TAS to your friends and family. Let’s all get a good education. Remember, everybody has the right to good education.

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