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Learning Objectives


Course Overview

At TAS Learning Center, our SAT Math course helps students get their highest possible math score. We follow a specialized and curated curriculum that helps students understand how to think about math concepts tested on the SAT. Our experienced tutors will teach your child essential math skills, working with variables, exponents, graphing equations, order of operations (PEMDAS), and more.

We help SAT Math students get ready for the time crunches and question format specifically designed for the SAT. We provide worksheets, and practice exams to give your child practice and confidence!

We offer one on one tutoring, group classes, as well as online classes.
The course is packed with multiple choiceword problems, and short answer questions from previous SAT exams.


Who is this for?

  • Students taking SATs for the first time
  • Students who want to raise their SAT score
  • Students looking for targeted SAT review
  • Students who want real SAT practice questions


Evaluating Expressions & Order of Operations

Percents and Fractions

Properties of Exponents

Radicals and Simplifying Expressions

Binomials and Polynomials

Linear and Quadratic Inequalities

Rational Expressions

Planar Geometry

Triangle Theorems

Parallel Lines and Circles

Solid Geometry


Exponential Functions

Statistics and Probability

Sequences and Number Theory


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