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AP Calculus

Learning Objectives


Course Overview

At TAS Learning Center, our Calculus course helps students succeed in school. We follow a specialized and curated curriculum that helps students understand how to think about math concepts. Our experienced tutors will teach your child essential math skills, matrices, conics, derivatives, integration, series functions, and more. We help Calculus students get ready for a STEM based learning experience and examinations such as AP exams. We provide worksheets, and homework to give your child practice and confidence!

We offer one on one tutoring, group classes, as well as online classes.
The course is packed with multiple choiceword problems, critical thinking questionsinformation graphics and animated questions.



Who is this for?

  • Pre-Calculus students who want to move ahead
  • Calculus students who want to get better grades
  • Students who want extra review for school
  • Students who need help with online learning during COVID
  • Anyone who loves to learn.






Definition of a Derivative

Derivative Rules

Implicit Differentiation

Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Applications of Derivatives

Points of Extrema

Derived Motion

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


Area Between Two Curves

Solids of Revolution

Integration by Parts

Applications of Integrals

Infinite Series

Series Tests

TAS Mastery Exam


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